Are you, really?

Why yes I have decided to extend the sale for all of our old packaging! 😁
Now keep in mind I had a customer come along and get the last of 4 soaps just a few days ago that will not go on sale like this again!!

So if you would like to get the last of a great sale, use code: SPRINGCLEANING

No you won't find any Autumn soaps available under this extension as they've been cleared off the shelves for the rest of year; a few may come back for this year's spooky season.

Just to be clear: Absentee Father will be going off the shelves permanently after this sale. Their Dad, The King, Baby and Bard will be tweaked before coming back to the shelves and as of this moment I do not see them coming back until late Summer or so.


I am back in full swing at my local markets so come along on Friday afternoons to see me at High Springs and on Saturday mornings at Newberry.


Now my mom & her hubby will be visiting mid-month, while I still plan on coming out to every market, there is a chance I'll be leaving early or even skipping one. Who knows maybe they'll come visit me and you get the chance to meet her lol.


Featured Soap of the Month:
Confetti Soap!

If you have signed up for our newsletter, which I'm now calling our Geek Letter, you will have received a code for 10% off this beauty of a soap.
If you signed up after this month's release feel free to contact me via email and I'll be sure to send it to you.


Keep an eye on my YT channel and TT for more soapy creations and such. 😁


I hope you have a geeky day!! 💚

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