Questions that are often asked can be found here. I will add on to this list when necessary. 

  1. Real soap, what is that?
    Real soap is the end result of adding an alkai solution (lye & water) to a fatty acid solution (oils, fats, butters).
    After a process called saponification, these solutions make a new product that is soap salt(s) and glycerin. No detergents are added, ever.

  2. Do you have or plan to make vegan soaps?
    I do have vegan soaps. I will mark soaps as vegan like so " ***." For a complete list of oils/fats/butters that go into my soaps, please check out my ingredients page.

  3. Who handles your shipping?
     At the moment USPS is our choice carrier. Packages usually arrive in 3 days depending on distance.
    Please Note: I will ship at the lowest price; if you want expedited shipping I need to know how fast you need it and I will charge accordingly.

  4. Can I get free shipping?
    Yes you can! If you live close, to Newberry, FL you can check out our local pickup page for the surrounding towns specific locations to pick up your order free of charge. 
    If not in range, buy $35 worth of product and shipping is on us. No code needed!
    If I go to an event or farmer's market, I will announce where and when so you can avoid the shipping charge and enjoy a day out of the house. ^_^
    Feel free to buy online and pick up at our booth using one of the free options at checkout.

  5. Can I pay in cash?
    Absolutely! If we meet in person, within the half hour radius, or at an event I have the ability to accept cash, just not online.
    If buying online, some options include Credit Card, Google Pay or PayPal.

  6. Do you send free samples?
    Yes, in fact I do! I will send at least one sample from my wares with your order. Some are end pieces, some are failed batches (in looks, not performance) and others created specifically for samples.

  7. I forgot about this soap in my cabinet, seems like it shrunk, what happened?
    It might have. Handmade soaps evaporate water gradually, sometimes up to and over a year's time. However, this does not mean you have been cheated somehow. In fact, the longer a soap evaporates water, or as we call it 'cure,' the soap becomes more gentle and will actually last longer!

  8. Why do handmade soap bars seem to get slimy?
    Handcrafted soaps need to be properly dried between uses to ensure that it doesn't get slimy and effectively melt layers away. You keep it dry by placing it on a soap dish and remove it from your shower between stink removals.

  9. Do you have a store front?
    No, at the moment we operate out of our online store which is based at home, 28805 SW 30th Ave. Newberry, FL 32669.
    We do go to local festivals and farmer's markets, which will be announced in our header, blogFB page or YT channel.

  10. My soap has changed it's color a little (maybe a lot), did it go bad?
    No it hasn't. Handmade soaps, when made with botanicals, foods, tea, coffee, essential oil, or fragrance oils do have the tendency to change over time. Some will change more so than others; also putting your soaps in direct sunlight will change the soaps appearance faster.

  11. How fast do you ship orders? 
    Generally I get them out in 2 days. From there USPS takes over and I email you the tracking number which will allow you to see how soon it will arrive. 😊

  12. I noticed you offer free local pickup, what are my options?
    Go to my page for local pick ups and follow the link, it has a spot in each neighboring town in or around Newberry.
    Also look for the farmer's market options for pick up in check out.

  13. Shipping prices suck, what if my cost comes out cheaper than the shipping option I've been charged for?
    Glad you asked. I will gladly give back any excess amount of shipping paid from $2 and up. You can also ask others to chip in and make your order larger to get the year round $35 free shipping option.