As with many soapers, I believe people have the right to know what they are using in their homes and on their bodies. Below you will find what I do and do not put in my soaps.

**No Palm or Palm Kernel Oil ever!**

**Fragrance oils are always phthalate free**

**I also soap with essential oils and have scent free soaps**

**All liquid oils are certified organic**

**Which means 30+% to 100% of our base recipes are organic** 

**I like to enhance my soaps with botanicals, herbs, clays, infused oils and activated charcoal, which often will lend color to the soap. It may stay true or over time fade but will always add character.**
**I have begun to add, by request, more vibrant colors to my soaps. These colors are from eco-glitters, FD&C liquid colorant (for liquid & melt n pour soaps) and neon pigments that I buy from Nurture Soap who's colorants I trust & are certified vegan**

If you'd like to see my organic oils certifications, please email me and I will be happy to share that with you.


 Our base recipes include these oils, fats and butters:

Our MeMaw soap is made with: 
100% lard - no fragrance/essential oils, no colorants or additives.

Paladin, Squirrel, Monk, Cleric, Wizard, Moose, The Oncoming Storm and Absentee Father:
Crafted with lard, organic sunflower oil, mango butter, organic coconut oil and organic castor oil

Coffee (scented and scent free), MeMaw's Apple Pie, The King, Witchy Woman, Bard, Hunter, Side Arm, Barbarian: 
Crafted with mango butter, organic sunflower oil, lard and organic castor oil

Aunt Ruth:
Beef tallow, lard and organic sunflower oil infused with lavender and spearmint; cow and goat milk

Baby in a Trench Coat (scented and scent free), Pineapple, Their Dad, Baby, 8 bit ❤, I'm Sorry What!?, Girl with the D&D tatt, Gabe, Witch's Familiar, Sorcerer, Winter Blessings, Sugar Cookie:
Crafted with organic sunflower oil, lard, mango butter and organic castor oil

Mechanic, Roasted Chestnuts - Salt bar: 
Crafted with 100% organic coconut oil and sea salt
This is a vegan product***

Candy Canes(snowflakes), Witch's Garden (flowers), Winter Nights, Frost:
Crafted using the classic lux, Soleseife recipe - brine soap:
our version is made with organic coconut oil and organic Shea butter.  
This is a vegan product***

Halloween Magic, Necromancer, Sweetly Autumn, American Autumn, Christmas Vacation:
Stephenson SLS, SLES free Melt and Pour Soap

Any phthalate free fragrances, essential oils, clay, infused oils, or other additives will be disclosed on that product's page.

Waxes: All waxes are made with our own custom blend of rice bran wax and coconut oil.
Colors are achieved with eco-glitters and or environmentally friendly candle dye as disclosed on each product page.

A note on lye:
As with all handcrafted soap (and melt and pour soaps), the only way to create soap is with a lye solution, which is usually water and lye.
My bar soaps are created with sodium hydroxide, also known as caustic soda.
My liquid soaps are made with potassium hydroxide, also known as caustic potash.
Sometimes the addition of milk, tea, coffee, etc. are used as the liquid portion in part or replaced completely by the water.
Please understand that no lye is left after the saponification process the chemical/magical transformation of acid-based oils and the alkaline/base lye solution comes together to create soap salts and glycerin, i.e. something completely different. 
Please also note: I always add extra oils to my recipe, that the lye cannot use, in the soaping world it's known as superfatting.