Custom Soaps

Custom soaps:
Make a soap just for you? Yes I can! 😍
Do you want something I've made before, use one soap recipe with another's design or scent, make it all natural, use goat milk, aloe?

Maybe something entirely different, like wedding favors, gifts for a baby shower, or change the ingredients themselves? 
Talk to me how you want that soap designed, fragranced, one loaf or more, and so on.

For a complete list of all my soap recipes, colors, botanicals, etc. click here.

Terms for Custom Soaps:

Must purchase a minimum amount, one of, the choices marked by asterisk(*) below.

*10 bars of a standard size soap, end piece samples included
            High End Example: Monk soap $80. Includes 2 Essential oils, 2 colors (yours could be from botanical or eco-glitter), this recipe includes saponified organic coconut, organic sunflower & organic castor oils, lard & mango butter 
            Mid-Range Example: Baby In A Trench Coat $67.50.
This recipe includes Oat milk & raw goat milk, raw honey, fragrance; recipe includes saponified organic sunflower oil, lard, mango butter & organic castor oils. 

General Rule: *UNLESS CHANGING THE RECIPE* multiply by 10 with any standard bar of it's normal price, this will include changing one color or botanical for another.

*12 small bars -ie. Aunt Ruth, Necromancer, Flower Shapes etc.

            Example: MeMaw soap $60. 
  ∘This recipe is lard unscented, no colorants. For same price add a fragrance & one botanical or eco-glitter.
  Melt and pours get a scent and two colors for the same price.
  ∘Salt bar - like Mechanic- no color, one fragrance for the same price.

  If you'd like a standard recipe in these small bars without changing scent or increasing the amount of color, the price goes up to $66.
Note: changing the color or one fragrance to another (unless to essential oil) will incur no upcharge.

*Specialty molds (grenade, guest size, D20 dice, etc.) amount is different for each mold.
Will be adding a price list to these options shortly, feel free to ask about a specific recipe and scent cost until then.

*Liquid Soap options will be made available in the future.
Choices will include hand/ body soap, foaming soap and soap for house cleaning. All recipes are vegan.

Deposit is half the cost of the soap, non-refundable and completion of payment will need to be payed before I will send out.
Will not begin project until deposit is payed.

Please allow 6-8 weeks for your creation to properly cure, for cold process and hot process soaps, before shippinng or pick up.
Remember these are handmade soaps.

Melt and pour soaps will be one week processing, unless it's a large project then we'll adjust accordingly.

Addition or change of Ingredient(s):

If you'd like to add a puree, botanical, milk, aloe, etc., this might change the cost of the soap, compared to it's regular price. 
  ∘If you want to create a new recipe (different oils, butters, etc.), from what I currently offer, lets talk first about what you expect out of the soap and then costs will be determined.

Please include all ingredients, color, fragrance and recipe choice(s) so you get exactly what you want out of your soap order!

If you can agree to these terms please use the contact form below to start your order.