List of Recipes & Additives / Colors

Soap Recipes below generally found in standard bar size.

Recipe 1: Organic sunflower, mango butter, organic castor and lard (heavy on organic sunflower oil)

Recipe 2: Organic sunflower, mango butter, lard, organic castor and organic coconut oil

Recipe 3: Organic sunflower, mango butter, organic castor and lard (heavy on mango butter)

Recipes below generally found in small bar (3oz) or other specialty shapes (flowers, hearts, etc.)

Brine Bar: Organic coconut oil, organic shea butter, brine, fragrance

Salt Bar: Organic coconut oil, salt, fragrance

Additives & Botanicals:

 Activated Charcoal Black Walnut Hull
French Green Clay French Red Clay
French Yellow Clay Brazilian Yellow Clay
Fuller's Earth (Clay) Zinc Oxide 
Turmeric* Infused in SO* Powdered Turmeric*
Calendula* Infused in SO* Pine Tar
Beet Root Powder Carrot Powder
Spirulina Powder Goat Milk
Colloidal Oats Pumice Powder
Honey Goat Milk
Coffee Coffee Grounds
Green Tea Green Tea Powder
Rose Tea Buttermilk Powder
Coconut Milk Powder Aloe - liquid
Astaxanthin - liquid Sea Salt - white
Pink Himalayan Salt Pumice


Liquid Soap: Found in our standard 8oz bottles

Recipe 1: Water, organic sunflower oil, glycerin, organic castor oil, sugar, salt

Note: Most additions besides milk, tea, infused oils, coffee, aloe and glycerin in the creation of liquid soap making will not work well.

Powdered or pureed products will make the liquid soap cloudy and often will settle to the bottom of your container eventually.
It's never recommended to add these or other items to the completed liquid soap as it encourages bacteria and mold growth.


Colorants (I use Nurture Soap):

¤Neon Green ¤Neon Yellow
¤Neon Blue ¤Neon Purple
¤Neon Orange ¤Neon Yellow Orange
¤Neon Red Orange ¤Neon Red
¤Red Pigment ¤Silver Eco-glitter
¤Green Eco-glitter ¤Purple Eco-glitter
¤Gold Eco-glitter ¤Pink " "
¤Pink " " ¤Pink " "
¤Purple  " " ¤Purple " "
¤Blue " " ¤Blue (teal) " "
¤Blue " " ¤Mystic Red (wh. base w/ red sparkle) " "
¤Black " " ¤Mystic Blue (wh. base w/ blue ") "
∞Blue 1 ∞Yellow 5
∞Yellow 6 ∞Red 40
∞Turquoise Dye ∞Green Dye
∞Red 28
∞ for use in liquid soap,
melt and pour soap - clear color
¤ for use in cold process bar soap,
hot process bar soaps,
melt and pour soap - opaque color