Back to school and Halloween prep!

We're officially back to school! How is everyone holding up?
So far so good here, not to say we haven't had bumps, but overall we're doing okay. *That's my story and I'm sticking to it! For now...*

Starting Sept. 11th and 12th you can find us back at the local farmer's markets! Please be sure to come out and support not just me, but all our local growers, crafters and makers. 

Have I been busy over the Summer? Well yes and no lol. I took a much needed break, but I didn't stop soaping or moving my business forward. I finally bought a professional bun rack for my growing amount of soaps as well as a heat sealing machine, which might just be an expensive paperweight since I can't seem to get it to work😔... 

Over the break I have made a scented and unscented version of my coffee☕ soap, which can be found in my Homesteading fandom, as well as Sorcerer from my D20 fandom. Both will be up on the site soon. Not to mention my continued experimentation's with liquid soap making.⚗️
Our first Halloween🎃 and Autumn 🍂soaps will debut September 30th, which includes Caramel Apple butter soap, Witch's Garden, 🐸Frog's Breath and🧚 The Green Fairy! I'll tell you more about the rest later. ;-)

Starting this quarter I'm going to be showcasing a soap every month ^_^
This month is my eldest's favorite, Girl with the D&D tatt  colored with eco-glitters, soap dough polyhedral embeds and topped with astaxanthin, a red algea, swirled soap. Scented in gummy bears this is a delightfully adorable soap.


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Have a geeky day ‼️

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  • I would LOVE to become a product tester. I have been having issues with soaps causing skin irritations and bumps and have been searching for one I can use.

    Gretchen Ault

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