Back to School Everybody!

I don't know about ya'll, but I have mixed feelings about this time of year. 
Part of me loves that I get a small break from my kids and they get to make or reunite with friends.
The other part of me dreads the added expenses that every school year brings, and the headaches of months worth of homework, tests and general stress it delights us with. 


The school year also signifies fall is just around the corner, which holds my favorite holiday! 

I'm still debating on whether I want a scary or spoopy (yes I meant to say spoopy) theme. What do ya'll think?

I have decided that the lion's share, or full amount, of Halloween/Fall items this year will be from my new product debuting soon - wax tarts!!
I made a few video's about that earlier this year you can see the one I made for my product testers here


 This month's featured soap is:
Mechanic - our salt bar that smells like a new old spice cologne and made with 100% organic coconut oil.
If you signed up for our newsletter you'd have gotten a coupon for this soap in your email earlier this month.



Don't forget to check out my Tik Tok and YouTube later this month as I'll start adding more to channels and once fall rolls around, I'll be back to my regular schedule.



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