Big News About Me

Hey all 😁👋🏻

Before I get into the big news, I want to let y'all know that on the 16th is our Valentine's release ‼️ Soaps will include:

Luv U With My 8 Bit ❤️ - Scented in Honeysuckle, infused with both organic infused calendula oil & organic hydrosol, topped with an adorable 8 bit stylized heart. 
The coloring comes from pink eco-glitter and yellow from the infused oil of the calendula petals

Date at the Diner - A sweet vanilla malt milkshake to share with your sweetie🥤
Colored with blue and purple eco-glitters that remind me of wild berry back in the 90's

Dessert - A twist on the scent "butt naked," heavy in banana, cherries, pear, pineapple and all around fruity goodness. 🍌🍍🍒🍐
Colors come from gold eco-glitter, natural soap and astaxanthin, a red sea algae.


Coffee Date - A casual but meaningful date to be sure. Scent is fresh brewed coffee with hints of brown sugar and nutmeg. ☕
This soap misbehaved and I fixed it by turning it into a hot process soap, so it has this adorably rustic appearance.
Color comes from the brewed coffee & goat milk lye solution, swirled with powdered beet root.

 Make sure to follow my Instagram for the pics and YouTube for the making/reveal videos!


Okay so THE BIG NEWS - don don doooonnnn‼

I have a very large fibroid cyst.

Audience: "How large is it⁉"

My fibroid, the worst one anyway, is sitting on top of my uterus taking up so much space that I might as well be 5 months pregnant. 😲
No joke, it's been years dealing with the symptoms but not knowing what the cause of it was.
Thankfully this is not anywhere near life threatening! 😀 It's also, if not clear, not cancer. Just an overgrown cyst causing me pain, fatigue and other symptoms.

Well thankfully I have health insurance and my procedure scheduled to take it and most of my reproductive organs with it. Before you ask, yes they offered to try to keep things in place but I wanted to take out the baby maker.

My scheduled date is the 25th of January and I will be out of commission for one week. In fact I will be staying in the hospital 2-3 days due to the size of this fibroid (reading between the lines - how big my incision will be compared to the normal procedure).🏥

Please keep in mind that even though I'll officially be back the 1st of Feb. I will be slower than normal getting orders out for the first to second week back. 
I normally have my packages out no more than 3 business days however, in light of needing to take it easy please expect it to take up to 5 business days.

What does this mean for the farmer's markets?

The very last week of January through the whole month of February, I will not be at the High Springs or Newberry Farmer's Markets. I will gladly take orders through the website and mail them out.
Did I just say Newberry's Farmer's Market? Why yes, I did!

Starting this Saturday from 8am to Noon the Newberry Farmer's Market will be up and running under new management. Follow this link for more details!

Remember to check out my Facebook and Instagram pages for more up to date info on my locations at the market, soapy release and just all around fun stuff. 

Also if you're into TikTok, you can find me there as well! I have a small series of my Christmas Vacation Soap up as of the making of this blog, more to come 😁


As a note for my product testers:
Please keep an eye on your email in the next week as I will be sending a welcome to 2021 letter. 
Our first Product Tester Release of the year will be mid to late February, I don't want to set a date just yet but, will have one as of February's blog.

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