Happy 4th and Christmas in July Sale

Hello everyone!

First I want to thank all Veterans and active military!!
As a spouse to a disabled vet I will never know the sacrifice directly but I am walking it with him and always will 💙 
Thank you all for the sacrifice of your time, bodies and minds 🖤


I would like to also apologize to anyone who missed me during markets or missed a couple videos on my YT channel. 
I've dealt with a small but eye opening panic attack. I'm good now and realized I needed time to myself to regroup and center.
For that reason I'll be only loading one video in July and August. 
I'm also going to be skipping the markets as I usually do because of my inability to handle long term high humidity and heat.
My plan is to come back in September.


For the entire month of July I will be taking 20% off my remaining Winter and Valentine's Soaps.
Once the month is over, if any are left they'll be taken off the shelf and holiday soaps won't be back until their designated releases for the rest of the year.
Many will not be coming back.



Enjoy the rest of your July! I'll be driving and out of state between the 7-9th of July and be unable to fulfill orders during that time.

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