Hey it's May!

Hey it's my birthday! Well it's my birthday month anyway lol.🥳✨🎂🍨

I'm celebrating it in my Loyalty and Rewards app, if you're already signed up great if not simply click on that gift icon in the lower left corner of your screen and sign up for your free account!

It works just by you signing up and buying anything from the store!
No emails will be sent to you unless it's a discount code made just for you when you earn reward points, or have enough saved up to spend in the store.

For the whole month anyone who buys from the store gets double the points! Bought a soap for $7? You now have 14 points in your account and there's no limit to how much you can get!


Our Soap of the Month: Sorcerer
Scented in Dragon's Blood, this fragrance smells like you just walked into ye ole components shop! 🔥
Grab your adventuring gear and remind the cleric to get some diamond dust as you get some molasses (check your email inbox or spam folder if you are signed up for the newsletter - there's a 10% off code for this great soap)!

P.S. this incarnation has a glittery D20 stamp instead of the dragon


My YouTube channel will be adding Wednesday's to the line-up because of all the great things I want to share!!
You'll see the last of the soaps that will be release on the 13th, a fail batch of something new that my product testers will be testing out for me AND soaps made for a LIMITED EDITION FANDOM coming out the 1st of June!

You might want to keep an eye on Tik Tok too, as I'll be sharing a couple products that won't be soaps!


P. S. June 1st Soap Release isn't the only cool thing happening that day, stay tuned to the socials for more details 😉


To all my market goers you will see me all month long at both Newberry - Sat's 8a-Noon and High Springs - Fri's 3-7p!
Assuming of course that there isn't a terrible storm rolling through that day or personal emergencies (none that I'm expecting btw). 

If you'd like a small visual of what High Springs Farmer's Market looks like check out my TikTok Video Here!


Have a Geeky Day!                       

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