It's Summer-time

It's Summer!!!!! No more school for the kiddos, and everyone can take a much needed mental break. I know I need it!
No lie this whole Covid thing did a small number on my mental state, mostly due to the kids asking for help with school and not being able to. However, it is past us at least for now and I for one will be enjoying it!

Lets move forward with the soapy part of this blog

Newberry Farmer's Market is back up and running every Saturday, while the High Springs Farmer's Market is still on hold, though it should open back up sometime this month. Stay tuned to my FB and Insta for more up to date information on those markets. 

For our product testers, the end of this month will be the next release  ^ v ^
As promised we are offering 2 versions of liquid goat milk soap!
Your job is to tell me which one performs to your liking. Of course there are more soaps to be offered but you need to sign up to be a product tester to see the full list!
If you'd like to watch my YouTube playlist of soaps specifically for product testers I've made in the past (and soon-to-be future) just check this out: 


I now have the option for you to pick up orders at the farmer's market in the check out section. If you'd prefer to have something closer to your neck of the woods check out my link for local delivery options.
In the comments of check out please tell me the location you want to pick up your order. You may also contact us via email, text or contact us page with your order number and preferred location of pick up.
Please allow 1-2 business days after order - we will get in contact with you to set up a time that works for both of us asap.


Be on the look our for new products and deals!!

What Christmas soaps we have left are now on sale ^.^ until July 15.
A few will not be back, some are in question, so if you've been wanting to try any out this is the perfect time! Feel free to tell us you want to see this scent available later this year so we know to keep it in the line up :-)


As always feel free to leave comments, questions and have a geeky day!

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