It's time to be Spooky! 🦇🎃🦇

IT'S HALLOWEEN‼‼‼‼ 🎃🔮🦇🖤🧼🍂🍎🧡🍏🌻   YYaaaaayy!!!😍🤩😍 
I love this month more than my birthday month! Honestly if I could keep my house lookin' spooky all year round I would lol.

How do you feel about this holiday? I know people have varying levels of like for this one lol.

If you haven't gone yet, go to my Autumn Fandom and check out all of our Fall and Halloween soaps! 

 I had so much fun making all of these soaps! Admittedly I had a time crunch hit me and some soaps were made into melt and pours instead of cold processes. Even so, I love how these came out and cannot wait for ya'll to get your hands on them 😄 
But wait there's more!  My two Coffee soaps, scented in hazelnut or scent free and Sorcerer soap which is scented in dragon's blood are also in our Autumn/Halloween Release. They're all live in the store right now!

 If you'd like to watch the making and cutting videos to these soaps check out my YouTube channel, all will be loaded before Halloween! Don't forget I'll also be doing a costume reveal lol.


 To all those new product testers, welcome! 
You took me by surprise and I'm so happy to have you along for the ride. 😄

 For those of you who do not know what I'm talking about, this site owner found me and shared my content. I didn't find it until they had filled all the slots available, which is why the lines through the text.  Just to be clear, I try to send out free samples of soaps with all my orders, not just to my product testers.
Product testers are apart of my exclusive club here at Geek Alchemy. You test out a few soaps for me, give me your review, answer any questions I have and you get so many things in return. Free shipping, 20% off or more on products, free coupons, exclusive products and or gifts in every product tester release.
I only email you occasionally, generally just during the season I do my tester releases and of course a welcome email.
Before you ask, no I do not have you pay a monthly subscription or membership fees to stay. All of this is to improve and have a direct line to my customers telling me what they like and or want to see in future products.

 Thank you again for helping me make Geek Alchemy even better.





High Springs Farmer's Market is finally at the Pavilion created just for us vendors 😊 It comes complete with electricity, so not only is there a nice roof but also fans! This is going to be so nice, speaking to other vendors I know we're all excited for this.
Here is the new address: High Springs Farmers Market
40 NW 185th Rd.
High Springs, FL 32643
Keep in mind with the new address is also new hours of operation. Still every Friday but now it starts at 3 pm and goes to 7pm for all those who work and often miss out on the market.

As for the Newberry Farmer's Market I can honestly say I'm not sure what is going on. I was contacted shortly after publishing my last blog that their opening day has been pushed back to the second Saturday of October (yes this month). I have asked if it was still a go and so far haven't received a reply yet. 
Please follow my Facebook page to stay up to date on whether or not we'll be able to go Newberry this month.


As always, leave a comment or DM me with any questions.

Have a geeky day!

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