May Flowers... ???

Not sure what happened with our last blog, my tech help isn't even sure.

....So .......
Covid is still a thing that we all are either worried about, tired of hearing about, want over with, or all the above. I know my quarantine wasn't all roses and candies... well maybe a few too many candies lol. 
I will say that dealing with school at home, with our spotty internet connection and an adult working from home has had a few challenges. It has affected my stress levels for sure and our kids too. Honestly can't wait to have the school year over with, our mental health will for sure get better.
As I stated in my last blog, that has yet to be published, we have decided to lower our free shipping option from a buy in at $35 down to $25. I'm keeping it like this until the end of May now so we can continue to stay home if we wish and enjoy soapy goodness.

Our farmer's markets at High Springs and Newberry are still on hold for the time being. I will update Facebook as news is available to me. 
Keep an eye of both Facebook and Insta for new, revamped, or simply restocked soaps.  Many were released in April and here in May MeMaw is newly restocked as well as Cleric and Monk. The old stock from MeMaw, Aunt Ruth, and our Halloween soaps will be going to local charities.

Keep an eye on YouTube as I've done many making and cutting videos on our soaps and more to come on liquid soaps ^.^ 
I'll be announcing whether or not I'll continue the Wednesday videos on Facebook.


Have a geeky day everyone, and stay safe

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