My first blog ever.... also Happy Halloween!

Hi everyone! This is my first time blogging so please be gentle lol 😉Geek Alchemy llc

So I am a here letting ya'll know that I'm going to try and make this a monthly activity here at Geek Alchemy llc. I'll try and do announcements, where you may see me, new products, and anything else that strikes my fancy.

First I want to say that my Halloween soaps are live and ready for purchase. Please note as my videos have shown some soaps were meddled with by a gremlin and may be purchased at a discount but understand it's not what I was aiming for visually. As always you can find them here on my website and occasionally at an event in the local area.

 This month I will not be visiting any events and next month, though I planned to sign up for Newberry's Fall Festival, it looks like it's a no-go for this year. I am looking for other possible events and if I find one I'll announce that on my Facebook page.

As you may have noticed on my Facebook page, I let everyone know that we now have a loyalty and rewards program. It's super easy to sign up for and no selling or sharing of your information will take place here. Just want you to be able to enjoy some treats for being a customer of mine.
You may have also noted that I have been asking a lot of questions on my page, well most of them have now become a survey that is apart of my rewards program. So you'll be given the opportunity to earn more free stuff by answering a simple survey. Just click on the boxes that show products I'm hoping to make in the coming year, that you want to have.

One question that hasn't been added to the survey is if you would like the chance to purchase experiments. Two to four times a year I would send out products, most being soap, that I would like to sell but first want feedback on. Essentially you'd be the first to try out something new that no one else has access to yet! You'd get 10% off the retail price and shipping would be free.
Questions would need answered about the product(s) to continue to be apart of the small group of testers.
If you think you'd be interested in being a tester please visit my "contact us" page and fill out the form stating in the blank box, you'd like to be a tester!

I had more to say than I thought lol. 
Thanks for reading, for being a customer, and an awesome person 💚

~Stay Geeky and have a happy Halloween 

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