Happy New Year 2020

Happy New Year to all! 
I know a lot of people every year talk about the changes they'll be making for themselves and I want you to know that I'll be the same, lovable, awkward individual I've always been lol. 
I do however plan on making a good amount of changes to my business.
Still making loads of soap, but I plan on expanding my line in many ways. I also plan on being at the High Springs Farmer's Market for a couple months in the beginning and end of the year. More details to come, stay tuned to my FB and Insta pages.

First and foremost I will be finishing my UnNatural Collection!
This year The King, Gabe, the revised fragrances of Moose and Squirrel and 2 more characters will be added 😊.
I'm going to be giving a lot of love, and spot light, to this fandom. 
P.S. for those of you who came out to the Winter Faire, I heard you loud and clear; Baby In A Trench Coat will always be a beloved character & soap in my shop.

Speaking of the Winter Faire, I actually debuted one my expanded products, my soap dishes!  
For the month of December they were on sale and might be again for our future event, keep your eyes peeled.
Other soapy accessories planed will be body and face brushes, hemp face sponge, loofah and possibly even natural sea sponges.

I am currently working out 2 new types of soap for the site. The first is Gel Savon, or Beldi style soap. This type of soap has been used for centuries in many bathing and beauty routines. I am working on 3 versions as we speak 😉

The second is liquid soap. I need to experiment with one or more recipes, besides what I already showed ya'll on YouTube. I want to know what I put out there won't feel drying on the skin and is economical for everyone.
As stated before, once I'm happy with my recipe for liquid soap, it will then be available in every scent that is in our fandoms currently and in the future.

Tell me below in the comments if you prefer foam dispensers or regular soap pumps, new recyclable plastic bottles or mason jar adapters!
I personally like the foamers and mason jar adapters 😄 




For those who haven't perused the site in a little while, I have a small announcement.
We now have two new pages you should know about! The first has been in the works for months, our custom soap page!  
Simply fill out the order form after choosing the types of soap(s) you want. Feel free to pick your fav recipe, add something like goat milk, pine tar or more.
Customize the scent from the list of what we have in stock, no scent at all or maybe even combine two together! I'm even open to using a new mold, however the cost of that new mold will be added to your order.


Our second new page was created for a bit more clarity on our offer of free local delivery. Simply go to the page, find out where you'd be comfortable picking up your order and in the shipping options at check out pick "LOCAL delivery w/in 1/2hr Newberry." From there you can type in the comments section of check out where you'd like to meet at. If you forget I'll email or text you to find out where you'd prefer to pick up.


Don't forget that I'm still looking for product testers!
All you need to qualify is to be a legal adult, located in the US and have an account here on this site. Then just contact me asking to be put on the list.
Remember you never pay shipping, get sneak peaks before anyone else and take 20% off retail.
You'll never get spam, no CC sign up and products will be offered no more than 4x a year. You could be a lucky tester for the first Gel Savon/ Beldi styled soap and the occasional extra savings.

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