New Year, New Me, Who Dis?

Happy 2022

Just kidding, I'm going to be the same weirdo you've always known and loved ๐Ÿคช

In all seriousness though, I have a new plan for this coming year. No I'm not going to claim it like I did for "the year that shall not be named"... we know how well that went for all of us ๐Ÿ™„

My current goals (and yes they get changed on me every year - Spring usually comes up and surprises me somehow) are to:

  1. Advertise online
  2. Get pretty signage for my tent/booth
  3. Buy new displays (stand up grids)
  4. No less than once a quarter go to a festival or convention
  5. Make more fun dnd themedย itemsย to sell
  6. Finally make small enough soaps that I can make those Fandom Boxes I've been putting off for some unknown reason

I also have a left over goal from last year that will be coming out as soon as I can manage it!


What's that goal? Debuting my liquid soap!
I already did the testing, I have the bottles and plans on buying adapters for mason jars.
What in the world is holding me back? Labels...

I had no idea that labels would be the thing holding me back and I can hear someone asking "why didn't you just make them yourself?"
I had recently gotten myself a nice professional who designs labels, logos, etc. In fact they created all my current labels on the vast majority of my bar soaps - they're great!
Well what's the problem then, why didn't you just get them to make your liquid soap labels? I did.... back in March of 2021.

Now granted, I wasn't ghosted... completely. Though more than enough that I won't be going back to them.

I will be having talks later this month with a close friend who has recently gotten into graphic design for herself and I've loved her art for years now.
So my fingers are crossed ๐Ÿคž that shortly after our first business meeting we can iron out the details and come to a mutually beneficial deal.


ย Soap of the month: Baby In A Trench Coat - Scented

ย This dreamy soap has raw honey, raw goat milk, oat milk and colloidal oats! Scented with Oatmeal, Milk and Honey from Bitter Creek this is a soft comforting scent.


Sale this month: All Halloween Wax Bark over 20% off!

Now only $10 each



Videos for the month: they won't be starting back up until Jan 8thย or 15th at the latest.

Expect Valentine's and Spring related soaps and waxes to be on the menu!ย 

Our Valentine's Release will be January 28th - counting that weekend you have 3 weekends total to shop for your sweetheart! It might only be 2, depending on when you decide to celebrate!

8 Bit Heart, as shown above, will be available in soap, Kisses will be back as soap and wax. New andย also in wax will be Cran-Champagne.ย 

I will continue to have my videos show twice a week, Wed. & Sat. mornings, until all the Valentine's and Spring related items are up.ย 
Then we'll go back to the once a week mark.... though I am considering changing it to Wednesdays...

ย ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ

Increase prices *dun dun dunnnn!*
Don't worry this won't be a huge increase like some places.ย 
My increase is due to not only to inflation but also to help make my prices a little easier for my customers.
I started out and have for years now, used quarter increments and having the tax added afterwards confuses a good many on what they should be paying.

So I've decided by January 10th I'll have all my soaps at the half or full dollar amounts. Some soaps will not be affected at all, others will only go up .25ยข

If you have a desire for a soap that happens to be $?.25 or $?.75 and want to save a little dough, now's the time to buy!


We're back at the markets January 7th and 8th respectively, at High Springs on Friday 3-7 and Newberry 8- Noon.
Barring any surprises, I plan on being at every market ๐Ÿ˜


Sending you off with an Irish Blessing:


"Always remember to forget

The troubles that pass away.

But never forget to remember

The blessings that come each day."

Love you all, have a geeky day and a healthy New Year!

~Ally | Geek Alchemy llc



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