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Hello again and welcome back!

At this time of year so many become a bit crazy over sales, mostly to buy presents for the upcoming holidays. 
I absolutely refuse to go shopping on BF, the crowds, traffic and grumpy nature of many keep me inside, I much prefer to shop CM. Do you have a preference, or tradition for either BF or CM? My BF ritual is sleeping in and drinking a lot of water tryin' to deal with eating too much the day before...

Last year we had a code for free shipping, this year we're going to beat that price and have a small contest!  This year all you need to do, to earn free shipping is to buy $19 worth of product BUT no code is needed this time.

As for the contest, we have made a custom order of Christmas Vacation, a pretty blue soap with a goldfish toy we made last year. We have an extra from the batch. All you have to do is be the first person to buy $30 worth of our wares to win the soap! 
We are also doing one code this year it's: BFCM19 -this code will give you 15% the entire store. It begins 1 a.m. Black Friday and ends at 11:30 p.m. Cyber Monday. It can be used twice during this extended weekend.

 Please remember to sign up for our rewards program under the gift icon, it's super easy to sign up and signing up also gives you rewards. I never email you after, no spam, no information sharing, I just want you to be rewarded for using our products.

Here are just a few ways we reward you for spending your money and time with us:

 Feel free to ask any questions you may have about BFCM or our rewards program.


Now for the second half of our blog. TESTERS WANTED!
Okay, sorry for yelling but I want you to know that I'd love to have a couple testers for possible future products! I would love to be able to not only experiment with new soaps, incense or other products (yes I plan on expanding our line this coming year). However, I only have a few spots available! For now I'd like to get up to 5 separate testers for upcoming products starting in 2020.
Yes only 5 lucky people would get the opportunity to test. 
How often and what's involved you ask? Well I'm glad you asked.

I would like to send out experiments a minimum of twice a year to no more than 4 times a year. If it's a new soap, I'd like to know how long it lasts you, how big/small the bubbles, how good it feels on your skin and any thoughts you might have about it; especially if you think it'd be better with a small tweak.

I may also send out incense or other smell goods. I'd appreciate feedback on how strong it is and how long it lasts you.
What's this going to cost me you ask?
Don't worry no membership fees or monthly dues for this one. 
Payment will be 20% off the retail price AND the price includes free shipping. How do you sign up? Simply email me! US residents only please.



Don't forget our first of 2 Christmas soap releases will begin next Saturday, Nov. 23rd. This will also include new soaps from the UnNatural fandom, Baby In A Trench Coat, which will come in a scented and unscented/all natural bar, as well as a restock of Their Dad which came out so much nicer than last time.
Baby In A Trench Coat is our version of oatmeal, milk and honey. It includes oat milk, raw goat milk and raw, organic honey. The all natural/unscented bar is topped with a light sprinkle of oats and half a honey comb on top, our scented version which includes everything in our natural bar but also includes oatmeal, milk and honey fragrance oil. The top has no oats but is full honeycomb on top.

Stay tuned to our Facebook page for all the soaps you'll see next week and in December.
Stay Geeky 


  • Very interesting to read you
    Good luck to you

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    I’m very impressed

  • JackieWax, thanks for visiting my blog.
    I have not worked with the company you shared as it’s mostly petroleum products.
    If you would like who I use check out Jedwards International
    they have a wonderful selection of conventionally grown, organic and fair trade oils, butters, waxes and more.
    Good luck on your journey -

    Geek Alchemy llc
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    Now i’m wondering if anyone knows any kind of trusted source for oil products, i’m a company and also need a decent source meant for such services. Is this seller authentic and anyone worked with them ?
    Also please introduce any good as well as comprehensive knowledge base for more inormation about this type of services. I actually appreciate it.


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