Pride Month & International Table Top Day!!

I feel the need to apologize for not being at either market this past weekend. I did not do this lightly, I had a family emergency that warranted 3 visits to the ER and I was exhausted physically and emotionally. I plan on coming back this weekend and the rest of the month, so long as my child's medical issue doesn't flare back up.

Now as for the rest of the summer, I have not decided just yet if I will be skipping like last year, due to summer heat and my ease of heat sickness.
Each market has made improvements to help out vendors stay cool this year. Depending on how cool I stay this month will determine whether or not I'll be able to handle the rest of the summer months.


 International Table Top Day!!

What is it? It's the day we celebrate fun with family/friends/anybody at the table, with board games, card games, or even table top role playing games!
Officially set on June 1st, we had to hold back our celebration a few days due to a family emergency. However, we did get there and it's available to view on my Facebook page.
How exactly did we celebrate? We rolled for discounts store wide 😍
All online customers use code: ITTD15 at check out for 15% off 😁

Now if you come to the markets and are willing to let your geek flag fly, bring your own D20 dice and roll for an extra 5% off.
So at the markets if you roll a 1 - the extra 5% gives you 10% off everything
2-10 rolls give you 15% off
11-19 rolls give you 20% off and
a 20 on the die gives you 25% off store wide‼


This month we're also adding onto our Limited Edition Fandom by creating a whole new fandom - Pride!
Now if it sticks around is fully up to ya'll!! I need personal feedback, reviews, requests to come back next year or stick around full time.

I know many people choose to only buy from creators of Pride items only if they are donating to a Pride friendly charity or apart of the community themselves.
Well, I am apart of the community and I am also donating 20% of sales to a local pride charity called PCCNCF or Pride Community Center of North Central Florida.
They help the local community have a spot to socialize, adults and youth, suggest mental health and MD's who support those in the community as well as shelters those who have recently become homeless.
You can check out more about them or donate directly to them here.

Our first picture is of the Philly Flag inspired soap colored in neons, activated charcoal, and botanicals 👇 

 average weight is over 5 & 1/3oz - scent is Island Fresh Type, I use it in my Christmas Vacation soap. It's a lovely tropical floral and ocean scent. Happy, calming and bright.
This was my first attempt at a soap this large (officially almost a double batch and more colors than I've ever done in the past.

Bi Flag inspired soap is colored in eco-glitters and given a tiger stripe
the average weight is about 4.6oz and is a standard size bar. The scent is Chocolate and Amber, which is in our usual line up as Side Arm.
This soap has a wonderful blend of violet, jasmine and iris without being over powering. The scent also includes a hint of citrus, chocolate, vanilla, amber, sandalwood and a bit of patchouli. All together it's a wonderful unisex scent that has been a hit as it's other incarnation.


Our Lesbian Flag inspired soap is colored in eco-glitters, neon and a bit of botanical, weighs in on average at 4.6oz

My eldest child suggested to go with a cottage core vibe, so we put our heads together and decided to go with honeysuckle fragrance oil and lavender essential oil. This is a lovely floral and puts you in mind of standing in a meadow or flower shop. 

The Gays and the They's Flag inspired soaps, both colored in eco-glitters and weighing on average 4.6oz.the Gays and the They's
The They's have a refreshing ocean & ozone fragrance oil, wanna go to the beach?
The Gay's fragrance is a sweet fruity blend that just might have you reaching for a fruit basket.

All of our Pride soaps are made with the same sunflower oil heavy recipe.
The bubbles should feel light and bouncy.
Remember that all handmade soaps will last longer if you allow them to dry, you can use a soap dish or move them out of the shower after each use.

If you'd like to watch the full playlist of soapy creations just click here.

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