Season of Thanks and Sales

This is the time of year where everyone starts to reflect on things they're thankful for, as we all should, and... stress out because gift season is nearly upon us!

We're not much different here, we never really go Black Friday shopping, but have been known to indulge in Small Business Saturday or Cyber Monday on occasion.

Speaking of which, we'll be having a BIG sale all the way from the Wednesday the 24th until just before midnight at the end of Cyber Monday the 29th. 

4X the points on our Loyalty and Rewards Program!!
If you haven't already signed up, it only requires you to create an account, no signing up for emails or fees. Only caveat is a minimum purchase of $30 is required.

If you want to wait until December to buy I have you covered too! 😄 .

While it's only double your points, there is no minimum purchase necessary to get in on this deal. Starts on the 30th of November and goes until the 21st of December.


 Soap releases all this month, with the big Winter release on Thanksgiving Day itself, which includes waxes! Check out the calendar below for all the details 👇


 Did I mention that starting on sales day will also be lowering our limit on?
Our normal free shipping offer is going down to $20 for standard shipping beginning Nov. 24th and ending Dec. 21st


 We're coming up on Christmas festivals, including Small Business Saturday. 
In the Newberry Farmer's Market location, will be a Maker's Market on Small Business Saturday that I will be attending. That I know of the time will be 8 to Noon but keep up on my socials for any new developments.

The weekend before, Nov. 20th, Newberry will be having the annual Fall Festival on Seaboard Ave. The farmer's market will be up and running, just a block away, as normal. Come on over to check us out.

I only have one festival I am signed up for in December (not sure if I'll add one more or not) on the 3rd to 4th. 
Location is on the corner of Newberry Rd and 254th, called
Sycamore Lane Vintage Christmas Market, will have hot cocoa, tree lighting and Santa on the 3rd from 3-8pm.

On the 4th will be music, drinks, Momo & Jojo's Mini Doughnut Truck, their doughnuts are amazing‼️ Of course there will be vendors selling vintage, handmade and Christmas themed items as well. It starts at 9am and goes until 2pm


This time of year is stressful, relax a little with my upcoming video releases, twice a week for this month 😀

 Keep in mind the video of our Winter Release will include more soaps AND waxes that will be showing in December, on YouTube.



This month's product of the month is Squirrel soap

Squirrel is Moose's big brother, though shorter... Swirled with French Green Clay and Beet Root this soap has a naturally soft color pallet that is very gentle on the skin. The bubbles are fluffy and soft and smell of leather and apple pie.

Don't mistake me, this is not as odd a combo as it sounds, they work amazingly together for a soothing unisex leaning masculine soap.


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