Squishy Hearts Time

Hey all! I hope I'm catching you in a good mood. I can say I'm doing pretty well at the moment. :) 
Now I know many of you dread this time of year and honestly I don't blame you. While I love the celebration of love and how the holiday came about I have to agree, it's become fairly commercialized. Though to be honest what holiday hasn't?

So I say step out of that mindset of needing to spend big bucks to show love. Take a walk and pick some wildflowers, give a back rub, or make a meal instead. Showing your love is about the little moments you spend together that create great memories.
I know what I'm talking about here okay? I have nearly 2 decades of marriage under my belt ;)

If you don't even like romantic love, it's got you in knots, rubbed you the wrong way, whatever, don't think you need to have an anti- V-day.
Instead find a friend and just hang out together! We don't have enough show of platonic love, it's important too!! Play a game, get nostalgic and blast some tunes from childhood or Saturday morning cartoons; come on so many streams have to have something good right? Pop-a-top and go people watching... you know you've done it before.  

Another thing to think about is taking care of yourself. Self love doesn't have to mean spending large at a spa or doing some weird new beauty trend (read: spending $ and feeling awkward). Play a game, take a hot bath or shower and let the water sooth those muscles, craft, go dancing, whatever gives you joy!

Just remember....


If you would like to spread the love, I'll be at the 2nd annual Love for Life event this Saturday. The proceeds go to helping underprivileged children learn how to swim for free. Many children and adults who never learned to swim die of drowning every year. The more people who come out the more children they can help.

There will be live music, eat from local food trucks, kids have a bouncy house and of course hit up your favorite soaper lol.
If you'd like to make a day of it you can hit up the VIP section and get your hair, makeup, or nails did and a lot of other indulgent things. 
More details are here: https://www.facebook.com/events/red-white-and-blues-farm/2nd-annual-love-for-life-event/978942832436759/ 

I planned on having more options but some soaps didn't behave so they now have time out. To see what has made it to the event check out my new collection (fandom) https://geekalchemy.com/collections/holiday-of-love

Also check out my new online option where you can buy online to avoid the chance of missing out on what you want and get free shipping/pick up at the event. 

As always hit me up if you have any questions and Stay Geeky my friends!

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