Spring Cleaning - Store Wide Sale‼

Welcome back all!

Today's massive sale announcement was told early to a select few of my brand new, newsletter subscribers! Hey wait what about me, you ask?
It's super easy to sign up, simply fill out your email in the pop-up on the landing page or during the check out process. Make sure to click the check box to keep you up to date on news and sales.geek alchemy check out - click the check box to sign up for newsletter 

The sale goes from March 1st - 31st. You get 30% off all Autumn Fandom soaps, which will be off the shelves after this sale, assuming any are left. AND 30% off all old label and or old packaging soaps. 
I'm trying to get all the soaps looking nice and uniform so all the old labels/ packages need to go. You'll find the full list at the bottom of this article.
Please keep in mind this is a huge sale and if all my soaps fly off the shelves like I think they will - it'll be some time before your new favorite will be back on the shelf.
One soap that will not be coming back is Absentee Father soap.
Once this is sold I'll be replacing it with a soap called Nephilim and is inspired by Jack's character, in the SPN universe.
A few other characters will be changed in scent and or design after these sales are over and the bars are sold. More information will come next month.


Every month starting this month, our newsletter subscribers will receive a special code for our featured soap on the landing page. 

 This month's featured soap is Monk
 Monk Soap | D20 Fandom


 Farmer's Markets

I'll be showing up at Newberry and High Spring's Farmer's Markets mid-month. My doctor is giving me the green light as long as I have a lot of help and take it easy. Officially I think he'd prefer for me to wait until I reach my third month post-op. 
I miss you guys though! I can't wait to see everyone 😁


Full list of soaps on sale:

  • Absentee Father
  • Girl with the D&D Tatt
  • Their Dad
  • The King
  • Moose
  • Squirrel
  • Gabe
  • Baby
  • Wizard
  • Cleric
  • Paladin
  • Bard
  • Witchy Woman
  • I'm Sorry What
  • The Oncoming Storm
  • American Autumn*
  • Frog's Breath*
  • Witch's Garden*
  • Caramel Apple Butter*
  • Sweetly Autumn*
  • Witch's Familiar*
  • Halloween Magic*
    Remember to use code: SPRINGCLEANING
    at check out!!


As always if you have any questions or comments, leave them below or go to my contact page to DM me.

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