Summer Deals & Updates

Happy Birthday America and a big thank you to all who are serving, past and present! As a former military family we understand the sacrifices and appreciate yours.

Though some would say they're isn't much to celebrate right now and things do look gloomy; I am hoping and praying everyday that we come out the other side better than where we've started. That we can learn from past mistakes, current ones and move on and up to the betterment of every person.

Let's all take this time to learn more, grow and be better. 



 For my military fam I want you to feast your eyes on the items we now have in our Armed Forces fandom. 

Side Arm - Geek Alchemy llc Pineapple - Geek Alchemy llc

Side Arm, complete with detergent free melt and pour hand guns and Pineapple in full grenade, small bars and guest SOAP mold.
Pineapple is scented as described - pineapple, nothing else just the sweet juicy fruit. *No matter how tasty it smells it is NOT for eating and no matter how many times you throw it, it won't go boom.* 
Side Arm has a wonderfully unique unisex scent, complete with dark florals, subtle fruit, amber, chocolate, vanilla and sandalwood. This soap also includes ground black walnut hull, which gives the soap a nice texture to help clean off grime.
For more information on each, just click on their pictures ^ - ^


My soapy sales this month include the end of our Christmas soap sale that started back in June. Final day to order is July 15th, remember that some will never be seen again as suppliers have ended select fragrances.
For the whole month our remaining Valentine's soaps are on sale for the same 30% off that our Christmas soaps are enjoying.


As for the Farmer's Markets. 
Newberry has closed down their market until September and will be cutting back to the second Saturday of the month only! They're currently looking for food vendors and more farmers so if you'd like to put in an application check out Newberry's Main Street Org.
High Springs has finally opened their doors after being closed since April.
I am for now, holding off until September to come back to the market as the intense heat and humidity makes me ill quickly. On a positive, about this time the pavilion should be completely built! It will not only be a covered area for us to set up & walk around but there will be electricity and fans to keep us cool!
I am still very happy to drop off any orders to these locations on their respective days for those of you who'd like to have a free shipping option. Or maybe miss seeing my silly face lol.

Stay safe everyone, remember to love one another and leave any place better than how you found it. Have a geeky day. <3

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