Summer's nearly over

So here it is, August 2020... 
Can't say I'm looking forward to the new school year like I often do. Covid, stress and life in general has me frazzled. 
I can say I'm thankful for a late tax return to help with our upcoming expenses for the school year. How are ya'll handling the upcoming school year for your kids? Do your kids have a choice of traditional or online? Mine had a choice and elected to stay home and do schooling online. They chose this because of their dad's compromised immune system, not out of fear for themselves but for love of their dad. *warm and fuzzy feelings ensue* 
Gotta say it makes me proud knowing that at their young age they're already thinking of others needs above their wants. 

Ahhh, okay I'm going to step down from my mom moment and move forward with the soap part of our blog.


Okay, as many of you know back in late June we took a break from the farmer's markets because of the heat and humidity that is a Florida Summer. This month is no different, though you will see us the first Friday of September, the 4th, at High Springs Farmer's Market. Newberry will start back up on the 12th and only be open on the second Saturday of every month for the foreseeable future.

I will have restocked my coffee soap (scented and unscented) as well as added new soaps to the lineup such as Sorcerer. It's scented in dragon's blood (the good incense/ resin smell not the patchouli perfume) and colored with eco-glitters, gold, green and blue for the metallic dragons found in D&D. Okay yes, there's a bit of red too... I couldn't let it out lol.

I have also started making fall and Halloween soaps! 

Stick around next month for peaks, or go to Instagram for pics even sooner ;-) in fact click here for our Apple Butter Caramel wet soap!


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