Surgery Update

Hello all,

I'm here to let you know that I'm doing well and my surgery went faster than expected!
As of right now, I'm only 2 weeks past the surgery, my 4 week post-op with my doctor is still some time from now so I can't give you full details of my recovery just yet.
Just know that it went well, I recovered faster than everyone expected but I am not taking that as a cue to overwork myself. I also got a c-section sized scar because of the size of the fibroid (a baby's head). 
This is what will elongate what I can /cannot do according to my doctor.
So please understand I am resting often in order to expedite my healing process. My resting buddy, as always is my little doggo, Roxy. Doesn't she just melt your heart!?

Roxy- My cute little doggo & napping champ | Geek Alchemy llc

Even though I am resting often and taking it easy, the size of my incision could make getting back to markets slower than I originally expected, even with help from my family/friends. As always I'll keep you posted on my FB.

Since I am feeling better faster than expected I believe I can put my time frame of 5 business days shipping out orders back to our normal 2 - 3 business days 😁 I am still holding off doing local deliveries until the end of the month due to the doctors orders of not driving until 4 weeks post-op and minimally afterwards.  Photo credit: Matthew Henry


What else is new? Well we've had to wait on the release of two restock soaps due to my operation. They will be available at the end of this week! 

Baby In A Trench Coat - Scent Free Baby In A Trench Coat - Scent Free Baby In A Trench Coat - Scent Free edition and
Side Arm Side Arm | Armed Forces Fandom | Geek Alchemy llc Side Arm - back side | AF Fandom | Geek Alchemy llc
You'll find them loaded early afternoon this Friday, Feb. 12th in the store. 

Product Testers! Please keep an eye on your email📥 as I will be sending out the pre-release information on the first release of the season 😁
Officially it's only two items but I'm excited for you to receive it!
Drop some comments below if you non-testers want to see what will be available later this year!

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